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Unbound Narrative

August 13, 2016 - January 15, 2017

The book, like art, represents our desire to document, communicate and understand the details of human existence. Increasingly, contemporary artists have been exploring the function, structure, and content of the book to create new relationships and interpretations - altering our conception of what the book can be. Unbound Narrative looks at the work of nine contemporary artists who utilize the book as medium and inspiration to create their visual narrative.

Artists in the exhibition include:

James Allen (Portland, OR), Doug Beube (New York, NY), Andrew Hayes (Penland, NC), Guy Laramée (Montreal, Canada), Math Monahan (Boston, MA), Tom Phillips (London, England), Susan Porteous (Bend, OR), Diana Fonseca Quiñones (Havana, Cuba) and Tim Rollins and K.O.S (New York, NY). Lenders to the exhibition: Laura Russo Gallery; JHB Gallery; Flowers Gallery, Sean Kelly Gallery, Lehmann Maupin and Private Collection, NY

Artist Links

James Allen: www.jamesallenstudio.com
Doug Beube: www.dougbeube.com/home.html
Andrew Hayes: www.andrew-hayes.squarespace.com
Guy Laramée: www.guylaramee.com
Math Monahan: www.mathmonahan.com
Tom Phillips: www.tomphillips.co.uk
Susan Porteous: www.susanporteous.net

Gallery Links

Laura Russo Gallery: www.laurarusso.com
JHB Gallery, New York: www.jhbgallery.com
Flowers Gallery: www.flowersgallery.com
Sean Kelly Gallery: www.skny.com
Lehmann Maupin: www.lehmannmaupin.com

Select Works From the Exhibition

She Tells A Story

She tells a story

March 19 - September 11, 2016

She tells a story celebrates the work of fifty-two visual artists from CAM’s permanent collection and connects the forms of visual and literary arts. Exploring the catalytic relationship between visual imagery and text, CAM invited fourteen Wilmington-area writers to compose new work inspired by these selections. This juxtaposition of visual with word illuminates how artists communicate their experiences, perspectives and world views through their chosen medium.

This exhibition recognizes these creators by the quality of their work. However, their gender and societal mores within the time they lived shaped their identity as artists, their work and the interpretation of it. By acknowledging and questioning these effects, this exhibition hopes to highlight the many contributions, past and present, of women in the visual and literary arts.

Writers participating in this exhibition include: Anna Lena Phillips Bell; Karen E. Bender; Wendy Brenner; May-lee Chai; Cara Cilano; Amrita Das; Nina de Gramont; Dina Greenberg; Celia Rivenbark; Gwenyfar Rohler; Emily Louise Smith; Bertha Boynkin Todd; Kelly Rae Williams; and Margo Williams. On July 28, 2016 four additional writers added their work to the exhibition: Hannah dela cruz Abrams; Christine Hennessey; Kathleen Jones and Isabelle Shepherd.

This exhibition is sponsored in part by Corning

Download The She tells a story exhibition brochure here

Select Works From the Exhibition

Patchwork North America

Patchwork North America: Paintings by Virginia Wright-Frierson

Extended to September 11, 2016

From extensive travel by road and by air, Virginia Wright-Frierson (American, b. 1949) has created over one hundred paintings framing scenes, as if looking through a window, across the United States and Canada. She describes her intent, “We do see pollution and trash, factories, car accidents and roadwork, graffiti even on cactus and near petroglyphs, and much of North America is prairie that seems empty and unchanging for miles on end. But what I want to paint is the power of nature evidenced in storms, erosion, rock formations, and water; the adaptation of plants and animals to any environment, from the high mountains and glacial lakes of Banff, Alberta to the deserts of Arizona, the unspoiled vastness and endless variation, and the spirit and celebration of survival."

Wright-Frierson’s broad-ranging career is distinguished as painter, award-winning children’s book author, illustrator, and large-scale public installation artist to include her celebrated bottle house inspired by artist Minnie Evans at Airlie Gardens, Wilmington, NC, and her extraordinary ceiling mural of evergreens and aspens reaching for the sunlight, installed at Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado.

Cameron Art Museum wishes to thank Philip Gerard, Professor in UNCW’s Department of Creative Writing, for his essay included in the exhibition brochure.

Download The Patchwork North America exhibition brochure here

Select Works From the Exhibition

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